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What if you could break the cycle of emotional eating and finally feel good enough being you?

A 12 week, private coaching program to help high achieving women like you stop turning to food to manage stress


I see you, sweet soul...

I know how hard you work and how stress has a way of creeping in. I know tempting it can be use food to manage the stress that all successful women encounter at one time or another. 



  • Let's face it; stress is just a part of success! You may have a new product launch, ad campaign, or a crazy deadline you have to meet. You begin by eating just one cookie, but before you know it, you're staring at the bottom of the bag. 


  • When work makes you feel anxious, food can take the edge off. You wish you had a better way to ease stress. 


  • When you binge, you feel so good and don't even think much about what you're putting in your mouth. It kind of makes you feel out of control, and you don't like that feeling. 


  • When life gets crazy, it's comforting to think of happy, secure memories, and certain foods whisk you back to a simpler place where you're surrounded by people you love and feel safe with. You keep eating because you want more of that good feeling.


  • You may be sooo busy at work that you forget to eat, but then you're STARVING and eat wayyy too much just to quickly feel normal again.


  • Food may make you feel better in the moment, but you hate the icky,  out-of-control feelings that come later. There has to be a better way!

You know you want to stop turning to food when you're stressed. 

There's just one teensy problem...

You feel like you're stuck on an emotional eating roller coaster. You succeed then binge...stop for a while, then go overboard. 

It's a super frustrating, cycle, and you don't know how to make it stop. Willpower doesn't work, diet plans haven't helped, and food gives you a (temporary) relief and comfort that you need.

By the end of the day, your original stress has been replaced with the guilt and shame you feel from over-eating. You feel like you're back to square  1.

BOTTOM LINE: You need something that will help you manage stress in a way that empowers you rather than leaving you feeling out of control. You want to feel good-inside and out. 

I've been where you are. The woman on the left worked really hard, internalized stress, and struggled saying no to a box of cookies or bag of chips.I was so busy trying to please others in my work, that I didn't take the time to care for myself and de-stress in a way that was beneficial. My ankles and hands were puffy; my rings didn't fit, and I felt icky. The woman on the right feels and looks great! To get where I am today, I used the same techniques to avoid emotional eating that I'll teach you. I'm living proof that my methods work! 

I'm Ready To Succeed!

Can I let you in on a little secret, my friend?

Emotional or stress eating is common. But with a little guidance, you can permanently eliminate the triggers that lead you to binge, so you feel in control and confident that you can handle whatever comes your way without needing cookies, candy, or other treats. 

  • Think of it this way:

    How great would you feel knowing that you could handle any situation that comes your way at work or home without turning to food for comfort or relief? 

    Imagine letting go of the guilt and shame that comes after you've eaten your way to the bottom of the cookie jar or stressed your way through another bag of chips? 

    How amazing would it be to know how to nip stress in the bud while also knowing how to stop triggers for good? Confident in yourself, in control, feeling great and loving the freedom that comes with this power?

    Think of the cost savings, both financial and emotional investment you'll be free to pour into other more positive ventures.

    A 12  week, one-to-one, coaching program that shows you how to harness specific techniques that WORK to stop emotional eating and binging once and for all. 

    Work with me and experience the benefits of years of professional coaching experience as well as my personal triumph over emotional eating. I've been where you are, and I know how to empower you to succeed too!



    • You eat when you're stressed or anxious.

    • You hate the out of control feeling you get after you've scarfed down a bag of cookies.

    • You're looking for a healthy way to manage the stress that comes from working on your biz that doesn't involve cookies, fries, or wine.

    • You'd love to get rid of emotional baggage from the past that prompts you to eat or drink and the shame you feel after eating emotionally. 

    • You spend so much time focusing on your work that you feel you don't have enough time to tackle your own issues. 

    • You're discouraged by the $$ and emotional cost of the emotional eating roller coaster.  


    • You never eat or drink when you're stressed or to feel happy.

    • You have no emotional connections with food. You see food as nourishment and nothing more.  

    • You go through each day with ease, and never find yourself staring at the bottom of an empty bag of cookies feeling guilty.  

    • You have no desire to go deep and revisit past, possibly painful,  issues that got you where you are today. 

    • You have unlimited funds to continue your journey on the binge-guilt-shame-stress-binge roller coaster.

    Appreciation From Clients

    See what some of my many satisfied one-to-one coaching clients have to say about how I helped them transform and how cared-for they felt during our time together. 

    If had such a history of emotional eating and cravings, and Beth's techniques really work! I feel calm and peaceful.

    You've given me my life back, and for that I'm grateful!

    If you're even there for yourself just 10%, Beth is there for you 150%. She's the one you want in your corner when you're ready to make that leap to the next level!

    I have some questions. Let's chat!

    Wondering what's in store for you with Emotional Eating Breakthrough? 

    Six, 1 hour, 1:1 online coaching sessions

    Each session, we will work on finding your hidden triggers and practice specific steps to neutralize them and stop the urge to turn to food for comfort or out of stress. You will learn techniques to stop cravings, end emotional eating, and heal hidden wounds from the past that send you to food. 

    Unlimited Text or Email Support

    You will have my full support during our time together. You'll be able to ask me any questions via text, email, or Voxer messaging, and I will get right back to you. If you're willing to commit to our work together, I will be fully committed to help you succeed. 

    Video Trainings and Worksheets

    As a one-to-one client, you'll have full, forever access to my Emotional Eating Breakthrough online video training library. There will always be plenty of resources available at your fingertips when you need extra support or a refresher. 

    12 weeks of Live Online Yoga Classes 

    Because body movement is so important to overall wellbeing and stress relief, and yoga is a great way to add movement to your daily routine, as a 1:1 client, you will have access to my live, 3x weekly, yoga classes as well as my library of recorded classes. These classes are a fun and dynamic way to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and feel great! 

    All this for $2000 or 3 monthly payments of $700 

    ... the cost of doing nothing is much higher. The investment you make in yourself with this coaching is priceless and will benefit you in all aspects of your life and biz!

    I'm SO READY for this!!!

    More Love Notes from Happy Clients 



    "Beth knows exactly where to guide me, and together we peel away the unhealthy aspects of my emotions- the ones that so easily lead to emotional eating- so they may be healed. I am changing. My confidence is growing, and I am learning to love myself. I'm excited about my future! Thanks!"



    "With Beth's support, I could successfully get outside of the emotion that caused me to binge or stress-eat, rather than staying twirled up within it. Beth helped me to acknowledge emotions and set up to distance from them. Before working with Beth, I felt helpless; now I feel much better equipped to manage my goals.



    When I first met Beth, I struggled a lot with maintaining motivation and overcoming a well-practiced ability to self-sabotage. Frankly, I also felt lonely along my journey to self-love and self-acceptance. I feel so supported, cared for, and more confident as a result of working with Beth."



    My time working with Beth has been quite productive. I went from feeling anxious and unhappy to feeling empowered, peaceful, and calm. My emotional eating is also now a distant memory! I can go through a stressful day without reaching for a tray of brownies, now that I have a positive outlet to manage stress."


    I've got a few more questions...

    What is your experience?

    I taught my first fitness class in 1985 😮 and have been teaching various fitness classes since. I also hold a Doctor of Ministry degree, with a focus on spiritual freedom. I’ve had a successful biz as a certified life coach, spiritual coach,  and emotional eating coach since 2010. I approach all of my coaching relationships with love and respect. My clients have ranged from mompreneurs to business executives. The unique approach I use in my coaching has helped them all to regain control over their emotional eating and binging, heal deep wounds from the past, and feel free from the power of food over their lives! Most have also lost weight, feel great, and have a new appreciation for themselves and all that they've accomplished. 

    Why is personalized coaching better than a book or a course? 

    One-on-one coaching is a unique and creative collaboration between the coach and client--between me and you.  That’s where the magic can happen. The PERSONALIZED ATTENTION that you get with one on one coaching can help you uncover your strengths, and the areas of limiting beliefs (often from childhood experiences)  that might sending you to the cookies, chips, or wine.  Together, we will help you get rid of the subconscious blocks that stand between you and a sense of control with your eating (which often spills over to other areas of life as well). And with every block we remove, we will replace it with a rung on your ladder of freedom, success, and feeling great!

    Do you guarantee results?

    Because coaching is a partnership between coach and client, there is no way to promise or guarantee a specific outcome. What I can guarantee is that I will show up and do my part 100% to help you achieve your goals and move from point A to point B. Lasting results come when you, the client, take action and make changes in your life. I'm here to give you all the tools and support to make that happen. 

    What if we uncover things I'm afraid to discuss?

    As your coach, I work for you! Because of my experience, I know common issues and typical starting points. But, we can approach things from whatever point or perspective you are comfortable with and work on whatever areas you feel most strongly about. There may be areas where I will gently nudge you to progress, and I will ALWAYS be there to support you all the way! The beauty of my method of coaching is that no matter where we start, we always wind up at the places that need healing. 

    How long do your coaching relationships normally last?

    Although it varies by client, most clients are fully equipped to manage on their own after one or two 12-week packages. You will be equipped with techniques and knowledge that you can use in many areas of your life! 

    What if I need a refresher?

    After you've graduated from my coaching program, you can always message me to set up a quick refresher session. You'll also have forever access to my video, audio, and worksheet libarary. 

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